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Okay, one entry for challenge 98 is not going to be enough :(.  I should have posted a reminder this week and I'm sorry for that.  I hate how busy I've been.  When I took this community over my life was very calm compared to now!  I knew I would be busy with the new job, but it has been..hmm ridiculous!

Anyways, let's try to get some more entries in for next weekend :)!



I'm two weeks late... :(  terrible.  I'm am really sorry to all the people who participated and all who voted. 

Unfortunately there are tons of ties, so if you haven't voted please do!



Please Vote everyone!

Note: I'm leaving voting up until Friday/Saturday because I'm not going to have time to tally it before then.  I will also post the new challenge at that time.  And a big thanks to everyone who entered.  We got some fabulous entries :)

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Okay, I slacked on the reminding these last two weeks.  Sorry guys.  I just moved and started a new, busy and exhausting job.  So, I'm here to remind everyone to enter because so far I only have one entry and I've decided to extend the challenge through Sunday....Longer if I really have to, but come on creative candies and bring on the icons!