Melialynn (candygurl1718) wrote in candy_icontest,


Okay we still have a few ties, but I'll credit that to all the amazing entries we had!!

1st place goes to by stacylk  by candygurl1718 

2nd place goes to by [info]edelyn_22 and by candygurl1718 

3rd place goes to by stacylk , byedelyn_22,and

by lostwitoutdom 

Important note: regarding the poll I set up about banners I have decided to make banners for only those who request them (based on votes and advice given from members of the community).  Each time I announce winners I will remind them to inquire about a banner if they want one.  And please, please do not be shy.  I have no problem making them and I have offers to help if I am unable to, so definitely ask! :D
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